About Us

First, a little about who we’re not.

  • We’re not civil rights activists, or experts.

We support civil rights, but we belong to no activist group or party.  We won’t be organizing or participating in any marches.  We aren’t seeking to use the noble civil rights cause to make money or gain fame.  We are making a film about an historical event, and seeking to understand it and its impact on people.  We aren’t making a civil rights film, or speaking for the movement.  We do hope that the civil rights movement benefits from the film from making people more aware of their own racism and prejudice, but this is not our agenda.

  • We’re not pushing a political agenda.

This film isn’t about pushing a political party, ideology, movement, or legislation.  You will not find us speaking at any political fundraisers or rallies.

  • We’re not trying to vilify or smear anyone’s name.

Let’s be honest, we all make mistakes and sometimes they are terrible mistakes that hurt others.  We don’t want to drag anyone’s family name through the mud, or cast any stones at the sins of dead people.  We don’t want to present our county in a bad light – we love our county; rather we want to be honest about what took place in its past and learn from it.


Troy Dempsey

Troy DempseyExecutive Producer, Writer, Co-Director

In 2012, a few weeks before the centennial anniversary of the events, while browsing the local library Troy found a binder labeled, “1912 Racial Incident”.  He found himself consumed with the case and began to study and research everything about what took place.  He has three kids and lives and works in Forsyth County.


Carl Frazzano

Carl Frazzano – Executive Producer, Co-Director, Music Producer

Carl is a talented Atlanta musician and music producer, and has been researching the project for the last year.  Carl has written and performed or directed the songs and background music used in the film soundtrack, and lives in Forsyth County.


Robert Valentine

Robert ValentineDirector of Photography

Robert is an accomplished artist with the camera, and is able to make the mundane beautiful on film.  He has worked behind the camera as a DOP on a number of feature local independent films, documentaries, and music videos.  He studied film and photography at Georgia State University, and lives in Forsyth County Georgia.

Links to Robert’s work:

Vemo Reel

Click to see a Sample of Robert’s work.

Sample pic

Click to see samples of Robert’s Stills

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