About The Film

This documentary is about more than just a race charged case long since forgotten. This is about clearing names of those who were denied justice and who were sacrificed because of hate and vengeance.  It is about our common humanity, how we find our morality, and truth.

With this documentary we will examine the evidence, hear from historians, law history professors, and talk with experts about racism and seek to understand how this could happen.  How a church deacon can lynch a man, and go to church days later?  Personally, I will seek to answer my burning question: “If I lived here 100 years ago would I have done the same thing?”  This is not a film on racism, and it is more than an interesting story or history lesson.  This film at its core is about our principles, personal morality, and our reasoning that governs them.


Below you will find links in the coming months to keep you updated about the progress of the film.  To keep informed in new updates being posted, like us on our Facebook Page and keep checking back on our social media sites.


We have already done all of the research, now we need to get the word out about the film.  Next we will go to crowd funding site Kickstarter to raise the money to make the film.  For this campaign to be successful, we need to build up our audience and interest in the film and its story.  We are working hard to make connections in online film communities, but we need help to get the word out for our funding to be successful.  Please share our Facebook Page, website, links to the trailer, and help us get the word out.


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